A Concerto Unfolds in 3 days-Final Thoughts-by Mark Summer

My time in Alexandria ended with having dinner with some very good friends from Baltimore. Bonnie and Peter are friends from my Cleveland Institute of Music days. Both were roommates of mine at the infamous 1961 Ford apartment, a block up from CIM. I lived in a huge old five-bedroom apartment for two and a half years with many roommates, (Bonnie’s room was directly opposite mine) during which we watched Saturday Night Live every week, I rode my bike around the apartment (it was that big!) and even sometimes practiced my cello. Peter and Bonnie got together during that time and have been a couple ever since. At some point, long ago, they contacted me and have been coming to Turtle Island concerts and hanging out, supporting me as a cellist and friend, and just generally being wonderful friends. Joining us was cellist and long time friend, Cindy Rosenberg. I met Cindy at the first Stanford Jazz Workshop Turtle Island taught at, sometime in the early 1990’s. Cindy has driven me all around the Washington DC area, made sure I had good food to eat when I’m here, and has been a good friend. We all talked about crazy musicians we knew, and about the good old days of living in a big apartment together. I was able to share some very old photographs taken by another cello friend, David Rosen, who plays in the New Orleans Symphony. Bonnie had a good laugh at seeing picture of both of our younger selves, without all the grey hair. Seeing the photos again gave me the perspective that my CIM days weren’t all bad, and provided the proof of how far I have come in my quest to heal from my baggage of a classical music education. I hope I have truly recovered from classical music!


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  1. Lori Hausmann Says:

    I’m so impressed Mark with your work. I love your Julie-O and the Turtle Island quartet is amazing. You probably don’t remember me yet I was at Cleveland Institute of Music too- I studied with Alan Harris. You were a few years ahead of me. I also lived at 1961 Ford drive w/ David Rosen from 1981- end of 1983. I’ve been living in Jerusalem for over 20 years. Do you have any plans to tour in Israel? You look so upbeat when you play, like you’re really enjoying yourself- it’s infectious.

  2. mark summer Says:

    HI Lori,

    Just saw your comment(!) and wanted to assure you that I remember you very well. And I visited David Rosen in New Orleans a few years ago. It’s funny that I should see your comment today, as my friend, David Samuels, an American bow maker who lives in Israel is coming to visit today. I went to Israel for the first time a few years ago with my family, and ended up buying a bow from David. Great bow maker. Anyway, thanks for your generous comments and hopefully the Turtles will make it to Israel to play a concert!

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